AdeaStudios is turning a new leaf and being resurrected from the ashes!
As many of you know the company was started almost 15 years ago when our oldest daughter was only 3 years old. This year she is turning 18 and goodness, what a ride it’s been! Initially I focused on Pregnancy and Newborn photography.
The suicide of a friend nudged me to take the first few steps into rediscovering my art until finally I put my camera to the side to focus only on art. When my dad died my life was turned upside down and little did I know then that that was only the beginning of many changes, twists and turns on the path of discovering & becoming wholeheartedly me.
As with most breathtaking, life changing journeys it has not always been easy, some days harder than I could have ever imagined and still at times so amazing in perfection that I can do nothing but participate as an awestruck by-stander taking deep breaths, trusting the flow of the Universe.
Last year I had been blessed with the fulfillment of a dream I had nurtured for the past 7 years and I was granted a scholarship to study and become a Certified Creative Grief Support Practitioner. I don’t recall a time in my life when I was not drawn to situations where people have suffered loss. To me it rather seemed strange for people to shy away from conversations about death, loss or being confronted with deep emotions of another. When my father died I thought I would die. My world seemed shattered. Three things brought me relief – running (A LOT), journaling or writing and art. For the past 7 years I had wanted to help relieve some of the burden people often carry alone after suffering significant loss. The time however was not right and I had yet to suffer a little bit more, experience more losses, grow, shape, form, mold and get ready for this new journey of service to others. I am grateful to embark on this path and am excited to have made small changes to the AdeaStudios logo to signify this yet again new avenue of creative flow and opportunity.
I am humbled and blessed by the love & support I have been showered with. I could not have done this without my coaching buddy Sandra Adams Kilpatrick – who continues to support, advise and guide me along this brand new journey – always honest & willing to share her amazing wisdom with me. While continuing with my art and some more studies this year I will be working from my studio on our smallholding, Oorgenoeg in Langebaan as well as offering remote sessions via Zoom.
I’m excited about the magical space we are busy creating for this work and my art to continue. I should be ready to move into my studio in the next week or two but have set up a temporary workspace in the meanwhile.
AdeaStudios – Divine Creative Intervention.
A safe space for Creativity to run free. Silencing the outside we can connect deeper to the wisdom within. Setting a clear intention and bringing it to life through divine creative intervention, sound and soul connection.
For information re Grief Support / Sound Therapy contact Nadea 082 3879243 /

*Accommodation also available for longer retreat / Creative intervention packages.