Who are we?

We are the crazy, sometimes strange, mostly a bit wild, passionate in our differences, often too loud family of five – we are the Wild Victors of the West Coast.

We fell in love with the West Coast 7 years ago when we bought a holiday house in Jakobsbaai. One crazy, red wine, fire infused evening we answered the echo of our souls calling and decided to pack our bags, leave the lights of the City behind to exchange it for the lights of the stars.

We’ve taken the first steps in the direction of what would turn out to be the most magnificent lifestyle change we could have ever dreamed of.

It wasn’t long after this move that the gods smiled on us and all the pieces began to fall into place. Before we knew it we found ourselves on a beautiful property in Langebaan only 2.5km from the beach – 2 hectares of magical space where we have the best of many worlds.

Why not the “best of both” you may wonder…

We love nature, animals & the ocean. At Oorgenoeg we have it all.

We get to share this space with our four dogs, Skollie, Daisie, Bella (all rescues) and our Great Dane Trompie. Our 4 cats – all of them rescues, are happy to let the chickens, of whom there are also plenty, come and go as they please. Our two horses spend their days under the Bluegum trees with three geese that they are happy to share hay with.

We are blessed beyond measure and deeply grateful that we get to share this with guests who visit Oorgenoeg. We hope that guests return to their homes rejuvenated & rested after their souls have been touched by the West Coast sun.

Many, plenty, more than enough, abundance, joy, blessings – indeed Oorgenoeg.