Hello 2022!

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We are very excited to host our first event of 2022 at Oorgenoeg in Langebaan and can hardly contain our excitement.

We have Miemie Bosman and Sam visiting us all the way from Knysna.
Miemie is a facilitator who empowers people on the healing path. At her M-Body practice in the Garden Route she offers Trauma & Sound Treatment as well as specific courses & workshops aimed at facilitating release, growth, discovery and transformation. For more information you can visit www.stresssa.co.za / www.m-body.co.za.

Adding to my specific excitement is the long awaited arrival of my Earthsound Sondwana Monochord currently being handcrafted by Sam in the Knysna forest – I believe the final touches is being done at the moment and Sam is getting her ready to be strung before the trip to the West Coast next week.

After a light lunch prepared for us by ni-ri, local Langebaan foodies, Sam will share with us the powerful healing of sound and we will all enjoy the magical sounds being produced by the monochord.

We cannot wait to spend the day with a group of people all being brought together through this collaboration of knowledge, energy, sound, taste, excitement and a willingness of each person to show up and step into the unknown with arms wide open – ready to embrace the year ahead.

My friend Sandy always reminds me – “If you want to make God laugh, make a plan.”

While we have many ideas & plans for the future, some of which we can already see, feel and touch as we dream it into existence – it is with childlike enthusiasm and excitement that we approach 2022 – trusting in the flow of things and grounded in the knowing that everything unfolds at the perfect time as it is supposed to – and often it exceeds our wildest expectations and dreams!

Rageltjie Victor – who’s rescuing who?

I’m not aloud to go to the Denlyn Market again if the puppy rescue is there.
I’m not aloud to go to the Denlyn Market again if the puppy rescue is there.
I’m not aloud to go to the Denlyn Market again if the puppy rescue is there.

What was supposed to be a quick trip to the monthly Denlyn Market in Langebaan to do a quick collection of a product that I ordered ended in another addition to the already Crazy Victor clan.

Having had an arrangement to only collect the product from somewhere else on the Sunday, when our day was unexpectedly freed up the trip to the market was spontaneous and we ended up choosing a relaxing morning popping into the market and afterwards enjoying a delicious coffee & breakfast at our local barista – Fooderia. (Do make a point to visit them in Langebaan – you will not be disappointed.)

We didn’t know that Rageltjie was calling on us and that while she was patiently waiting at the LAC stand (Langebaan Animal Care) we were actually on our way to collect a bundle of love and blessings instead of a product I had ordered.

When love speaks louder than your head and all the “what if’s”, “can not’s & doubts, just open your heart and trust – for the joy & blessings that allows to flow usually far outweighs anything that can be measured in cost & effort.

Rageltjie didn’t know how long she would be chained to a gate, when she would be fed again and if she would ever experience unconditional love.
She will be our constant reminder that there is always hope, miracles do happen and things can turn around in the blink of an eye – one day, chained to a fence, the next day there is a crowd clapping every time you make a wee-wee outside – we are all here to help straighten her crown.
We hope that Rageltjie will remind everyone lucky enough to meet her or read her story that we never know the good that is still in store for us. Hold on. Keep going. Trust. We pray that no matter how dark it’s been – you will find someone to help straighten your crown.

We are so proud of the rest of the pack – Trompie, Daisie, Skollie, Bella, Magiel, Katinka, Kattewis, Kattraai, Angel, Nirvana , the chickens and the geese – all of them having welcomed her without any hesitation – sharing their space with compassion and filling Oorgenoeg with love and blessings. How did we get this lucky. We are indeed blessed beyond measure.

Welcome Rageltjie! We are so lucky that once again our family has grown – this time completely unplanned – as usual – and completely spontaneous – more often than not!

I have to go to the Denlyn Market if the puppy rescue is there.
I have to go to the Denlyn Market if the puppy rescue is there.
I have to go to the Denlyn Market if the puppy rescue is there.

– nadea victor

* While we would love to share images of Rageltjie, to protect her privacy and keep her safe we have decided to refrain from doing so for the time being.

*Langebaan Animal Care has recently had a complete makeover and they are doing amazing work in the area. If you feel love calling to you – open your heart and pay them a visit. They are always looking for homes, fosters, volunteers and donations. Please help the kind & loving staff to stay positive and keep making a difference. Reach out to them and if you want me to accompany you there, give me a shout.

Contact LAC
078 277 1004